Outdoor Firework

A traditional outdoor Eleven Fireworks production is a complete sensory experience unlike anything else! These displays include a variety of shells and high-intensity multi-shot devices that awe and inspire. They include some of the largest displays, more personalized productions for weddings, anniversaries and other special events.

Aerial Display Shells

Ask someone what the first image that comes to mind when they think of "fireworks." They will say something like "A large blast of colors and noise in the sky." Most traditional fireworks displays use aerial fireworks launched from mortar tubes at safe distances from the audience. The fireworks can reach heights of 300 ft to nearly 800 ft depending upon the individual show.

Eleven Fireworks produces nearly 200 of these types of displays. Our storage facilities have tens of thousands of various aerial shell designs of all sizes.The inventory includes :
  • Nearly any color imaginable
  • Various patterns such as hearts, wagon wheels, rings, smiley faces, butterflies and etc ...
  • Many different effects such as multi-colored shells, strobes, glittering, rainbows, parachutes and etc ...
  • A variety of noise such as chest-pounding salutes (booms), whistles, and loud crackling

Multi-Shot Devices

Multi-Shot Devices are high-impact, rapid-fire effects. These devices, known also as "cakes," constantly paint the sky with endless colors, noise and special effects. Some devices can produce over 200 shots in just 17 seconds for an amazing spray of vivid colors.

The multi-shot devices reach heights between 100 and 300 ft typically. They serve two main purposes. For larger displays they offer the ability to create a "layering" effect of height. When low-level multi-shot devices are being used aerial shells can be producing complimentary designs higher in the sky to create a tableau of various colors and emotions.

Multi-Shot Devices can also be used exclusively to produce a fireworks display if the firing area will not allow aerial shells for safety. The devices can offer an amazing display with or without aerial shells.

Close Proximity Outdoor pirotécnicos

Some venues such as urban downtown areas, amphitheaters, sports stadiums, etc. do not allow for a lot of room for aerial fireworks or multi-shot devices. There is a great solution to this problem however!

Close proximity pirotécnicos allows for both special effects and full displays to be created in these "tight" locations. pirotécnicos devices such as fountains, mines, comets and bombettes can be very safely utilized at much closer distances. The limited amount of explosive power and extremely high standards of manufacturing result in devices that are safe in these confined spaces and meet very strict safety regulations. They are usually low smoke with virtually no "fallout" (paper or other debris) once discharged.

Close proximity pirotécnicos are being safely used in dozens of sports venues from rooftops and scoreboards, from rooftops of buildings and parking garages, at hotels in tight downtown areas, etc.