Indoor Firework

Eleven Fireworks offers indoor pirotécnicos, displays and special effects. Whether it is a highly choreographed full display or special effects. safe and reliable. Project Managers work closely with clients, safety and fire officials, and building managers to determine the suitability of the indoor pirotécnicos.


Gerbs are pirotécnicos fountains that can have durations from one-second to thirty seconds. They can be various heights from 2 ft to 20 ft. They come in many colors including gold, silver, red, green, blue, yellow and orange.

Couples have used gerbs to highlight their wedding ceremony or while entering the reception hall as newlyweds. Gerbs can highlight the end of a sales meeting or while celebrating a toast for an important dinner.

pirotécnicos Waterfall

These devices use gerbs (fountains) turned upside down to create a pirotécnicos wall of falling stars simulating a waterfall. Typically these are done in gold or silver, but waterfalls can be created in other colors. Amaze the guests at a wedding reception while dancing the "first dance" with a backdrop of a pirotécnicos waterfall. Many concerts use a waterfall to highlight the climatic end to a song or set.

Flame Effects

pirotécnicos or Propane flame projectors give an added dimension to your display or special event. We can produce columns of clean-burning, smokeless flames as well as large puffs of fireballs reaching 20 ft to 30 ft in the air. These flame units are ideal for team introductions, to start the big race, or to highlight a musical performance.


These devices many times are used in musical or drama performances. They are either loud or colorful one-shot moments to make an audience jump, highlight the crescendo of a musical piece, or the dramatic end of a play's scene. They can also be used for dramatic team entrances before a game.


To add color and height dynamics to indoor pirotécnicos display or effects, mines and comets can be designed to fire to heights from 3 ft to 300 ft. These devices offer various colors, sounds, and effects to and can be combined to create a spectacular indoor display with various designs.